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Dollaro IT - Veg Tanned - Black


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Dollaro - This vegetable-tanned leather is a really unique and beautiful article. The grain has a beautiful flat pebble texture and in certain colors like Red, Orange Natural, Taupe and whiskey their is a nice 2 tone finish. The temper is firm from the print and gives a nice rigidity and structure to your products. The cut is a double shoulder with high yield and almost no waste. Their beautiful colors will provide near endless color options and combinations to your projects. 

Temper: Firm

      Due to the nature and variations in each hide of leather, each piece is unique and the color or markings may vary slightly from the one pictured.

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      • 3/4 oz - Cut/Engrave PG Medium Leather
      • 5/6 oz - Cut/Engrave: PG Thick Leather
      • 7/8 oz - Cut:140/100 Engrave: PG Thick Leather